Spirit Pet Creation Simulator
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Spirit Pet Creation Simulator

Synopsis Spirit Pet Creation Simulator

On that day when meteors streaked across the sky, evil spirits appeared in the human world. When a [Spirit Pet Creation Simulator] binds itself to Ye Qianxing, he begins his journey to the top of the world. So you say you can make a contract with several powerful spirit pets with money and talent? Haha, then I can easily create a spirit pet to crush you! [Husky] + [Netherworld fire] + [God’s blood] + [Mystical soul] = Cerberus, the soul devourer and executioner of hell! [Origin of the Ancient Tree of Life] + [Flower spirit] + [Queen’s scepter] + [A beauty] = Fairy Queen, a beautiful and captivating being that will help the world! The candling dragon that distorts time and space, the fallen angels who are righteous and evil… Countless monsters will be created by his hands…


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