Curse Cultivation Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2024
Author 烛天动漫
Artist 烛天动漫
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Curse Cultivation

Synopsis Curse Cultivation

You don’t belong to this world, and yet you wish to step onto the path of cultivation. Targeted by the Heavens, they cast a curse on you, one unbreakable even by immortals. All changes in your body will be reversed, and you will no longer be able to cultivate again.

Jiang Chen tries to cultivate, but realises that his spiritual energy flows backwards, and scatters in all directions.

When he was in despair, he was struck by lightning.

[You’ve been struck by lightning, your flesh and blood is eroded and your dantian is shattered. The curse takes effect, and regenerates your body, granting you the power of vitality.]

[Your dantian regenerates, and become invincible.]

[The lost spiritual energy gathers in the body automatically, and flows through the meridians. You’ve stepped into the Qi Refinement stage first layer… second layer… third layer!]

Jiang Chen fell into silence, “???”

I have to cultivate like this?


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